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Is William Benson A Fake, Fraud, and Rapist?


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Who is William Benson?
AKA: Sir William Benson… Sir?
AKA: Willie Lee Benson. (Is that the same Benson who was arrested in 2002 for receiving stolen goods?


MARCH 2021:: **Scroll Down for an Update on the Fraud in Florida Lawsuit** Filed in Palm Beach County Florida on March 11, 2021, Case Number: Case Number: 50-2021-CA-003464-XXXX-MB:
Yet ANOTHER victim comes forward and files suit against William Benson. This time it claims Fraud, Civil Theft, AND Breach of Contract… where there is smoke, there is fire. It looks like this ‘smarter than everyone else’ ‘black brad pitt’ dude actually signed a Settlement Agreement, then failed to make the payments? What low-life idiot does that?… maybe someone who is broke?
Does baby boy have other men funding his exploits and trips now?… awww… Maybe, he can call daddy Patrick Ductant to resolve this one. It seems birds of a feather flock together. Click to View or Download the Complaint here:

DEC 2020:: **Scroll Down for an Update on the HOT97 Lawsuit**:
HOT97 of New York Lawsuit Against Billionaires Row?

Rape, Sexual Assault and Other Allegations?

FEB 2021:: **These are words from yet another self-identified victim, unedited**:

Here is my story. It’s a bit lengthy but I tried recalling as much I could in the sake of my justice and for any other women he has assaulted.


On June 29th, 2019 a friend and I were both drugged and raped by William Benson while being amongst his crew of friends. My friend was working as a server/bottle girl at STK in NYC when she met William. After encountering William multiple times, he proposed to her to meet up with him one weekend to talk business and her career’s future. My friend knowing that I was in the design industry and a scholar, invited me along in hopes to make a new business connection. I agreed but mentioned I would only be able to chat for a few hours since I had made plans that night to hang out with my boyfriend at the time. I arrived at the boutique hotel and was introduced to William and his friends. I immediately noticed how strange William and his friends seemed to be acting around me. As I elaborated on my work and education background, I noticed William eyeing me and saying inappropriate side marks about us to his friends while they all laughed and smiled. William told the staff that he didn’t want to be inside the roof top level, instead he wanted private seating outside. The staff moved furniture and accommodated us outside. As I began to feel uncomfortable, William asked us if we wanted drinks. I thought to myself that after drinking 1 or 2 drinks, I’d make my way back home because I had deemed our interaction unsuccessful. A woman server brought us out our first round of drinks and we drank them. After the first drink, I began to notice my friend behaving very strangely. She began slurring her words and had rapid eye movement. As I saw this, I also noticed that I had began to feel intoxicated myself. By the time I turned around, our 2nd round of drinks were next to us. I decided that this round would be my last. After drinking the 2nd round, my friend began to feel sick. I did not feel any sickness yet so I decided I would try to take care of her. We got up and made our way to the restroom. As we were about to walk in, a model type girl approached us and told us how lucky and beautiful we were to be in the presence of William. I thought it was extremely strange that a random person would come up to us and try to hold such a superficial conversation regarding that topic. I would later find out that William pays models to be around him as a way to gaslight his victims.

When she finished up in the bathroom, we walked outside and were immediately approached by William. By this point, my friend was visibly intoxicated and I began to feel the same. This was after two drinks. William began telling us that he wanted to have a threesome with us and we both kept telling him no. He then explained that my friend was too intoxicated to be in public that he would let her rest in a room so she could recover. This is where my memory starts to get very blurry. I remember him giving us a room key and getting in the elevator. We made it to room and my friend immediately threw herself on the bed looking very ill. I laid next to her and closed my eyes for a bit. I then remember hearing the door open and William throwing himself on top of her while I laid beside them on the bed. I remember trying to move but couldn’t. I felt so gross and uncomfortable and even tried to talk but couldn’t. I then remember being on the floor with William on top of me, raping me. I couldn’t get him off. He eventually got off me and picked me up. As I got up, I immediately went to check on my friend who was now naked on the shower floor, vomiting everywhere. I tried to help her but he grabbed me and told me to “leave her she can’t hang plus I want to be with you tonight”. Whatever I was under the influence of prevented me from fighting him or trying to get away from him. He pararded me throughout the entire hotel for a few hours. Every now and then, I would escape him and run back to the hotel room where my friend laid sick on the shower floor and tried to help her. He would come get me every time.

My friend recalls me trying to help her but then seeing William or one of his friends come grab me. I do remember another man being in the room who would fade in and out. At one point in time, I remember being back on the rooftop with William, his driver, and friends. One of his friends had his son with him, who was a child model at the time. I remember being in a warm embrace with his son for a while until his father looked disturbed at William and said it was time to go. It was as if his son knew I was very sick and wanted to make me feel better. A few hours passed and I was really really intoxicated. William led me to the hotel’s downstairs club where he sat me in a VIP section and explained to everyone I was his date for night. I had no intention of even being there with my FRIEND for more than two hours and now I found myself in the tight grasp of an unknown man I had never met before. As midnight was approaching, my boyfriend texted me concerned for my whereabouts. William grabbed my phone and looked at me an said “fuck that loser you’re with me tonight” and left to go get us more drinks. Seeing my boyfriend’s text sent an urgency through me. I decided to try to escape and go home.

Before leaving, I ran back to the hotel room to my friend. She had finally gotten out of the shower and was in the bed. I begged her to try and get up to leave with me but she was so out of it she refused. Not knowing what else to do I left the hotel and took a 30 minute subway ride extremely intoxicated back home. I don’t know how I did it, but I am so grateful that I did not have to spend the night with that monster. My boyfriend met me after and could not believe how bad I looked. The next day I woke up super sick with flu-like symptoms and my memory extremely distorted. I immediately realized I had been drugged and raped, so I called my friend to check up on her. Shocking to me, she was still in the hotel room. She told me that he raped her repeatedly throughout the night. She explained at one point she threw up all over the bed and William just laid in it all night into the morning. He then woke up, snorted coke and took a business call. I convinced my friend to leave and meet me at the NYC Health Department to get tested and to report the incident. We both did, however when I wanted to move forward and file a police report, my friend became scared and anxious and explained that no one would take our side because we were young girls and he was a millionaire. After our rape, William, stayed in contact with her not me. He slowly began brainwashing her that I was the one that drugged her because I wanted to be with him for his power and money. How pathetic and disgusting of a person do you have to be to put such a horrible blame on someone you not only attacked and assaulted but also injured in a plethora of different ways. My friend lost her job, had a lupus flare, and had to move out of New York and go back home to her parents to begin chemotherapy because of our assault. She also has suffered severely mentally.

A few months after the incident, one of William’s friends admitted UNPROVOKED over messages that he was in the room watching William sexually assault us and that he saw with his own eyes how severely intoxicated we were. It is now time to seek JUSTICE. I can’t imagine how many other women he has drugged, assaulted, and raped. William is a dangerous predator that stops at nothing to get what he wants. I would have never imagined in a million years that I would be drugged and raped during a business meeting. William has daughters, I hope they never experienced what he put me through. I will continue to fight for my justice and I will not stop until everyone knows what William and his crew of friends do to young women.

Self Identifying Victim

If you feel you have been drugged, raped, manipulated or in any other way been taken advantage of, we want to hear from you. We are working on giving alleged, Self-Identified Victims of Sir William Benson a voice too! #MeToo

Email us at: Help@WilliamBensonAndFraud.com

William Benson (Willie Lee Benson)?
William Benson (email and phone numbers are to be listed soon) is or was one of the persons (along with Timothy Paul) behind the deceptive practices and manipulation tactics that takes money from those he promises SBLCs and other banking support through Bank Dominion (Dominion Global Investment Capital Trust), a non-depository that is little more than a broker registered in a third world country. It was said that Timothy Paul was ‘grooming’ Benson to run the bank some day soon. Timothy Paul also claims he is an ArchBishop (https://www.linkedin.com/in/timothy-paul-56838610/) of some church and his work is somehow linked to his faith. However, Dominion has claimed to be a bank (by title alone), which is far from the truth. If you carefully research and read the statements on their website, you will find they are nothing more than a registered Trust with a license to issue cetain types of financial instruments. However, because it has no rating (despite what they claim) any SBLC issued by Bank Dominion is worthless. Don’t take our word for it, ask you local banker to look them up in their system and let them tell you what rating they have and what it means.

Bank Dominion… Dominion Bank and Trust… Dominion Global? https://www.bankdominion.com/
Who and what is Bank Dominion, Dominion Bank and Trust… or Dominion Global anyways? Here is an article in the Miami Herald:

Here is a sample of Bank Dominion’s Offerings, they are not just ‘investing’ in church projects, as they may have been recently quoted:
Dominion Marketing Material

Here is a sample of Bank Dominion’s Applications that were sent to victims to capture their information:
Dominion Corporate Application
(BE CAREFUL, only send this type of information to those you trust. This probably should not be anyone at Dominion.)

Billionaires Row?
With all the deception, it really makes you wonder about the legitimacy of William’s claims and actual success of his brand Billionaires Row. Is it really as successful as social media and articles lead you to believe? We doubt it, as he lives in a modest, rented home in Melville, NY. And why does someone who claims to be so successful with Billionaires Row need to limelight as a ‘banker’ and work another job? It doesn’t really make a lot of sense. As of late, many ‘fake rich’ people are being exposed on Social Media and you can simply YouTube search what those signs are to expose them. Review his Instagram accounts and you be the judge.

How much in product sales has Billionaires Row actually had in the past several years? They throw lavish parties at the expense of investors (several of those who we are in touch with now), Benson promises a return and profit, but does nothing. These parties never sell any products to the actual public either, so, no sales outside the investor’s budget are ever made. These products are purchased for ‘SHOW’ on video. Where can you buy their products, which store? We were told that the total amount in actual revenue sales (outside of investors with a promised return) over the last 4 years does not exceed $10,000.00 (ONLY Ten Thousand Dollars?,… are you serious? Is this a joke or a big fraud?). Any product sales that may be referred to are exclusively internal sales by their own investors for ‘show’ to throw parties that are recorded on video. So, it seems that the large budgets for these events (at times $100k+ per event) are spent on videographers, models and the RENTING OF: 5 star hotel rooms, Cars, Planes, Boats, etc… to ‘fake’ the claim of success.

Patrick Ductant?
Patrick Ductant seems to be involved with Benson and Billionaire’s Row now… It may be a new marriage made in heaven! He may be flipping the bill for now, but lets just see how long that lasts.

Is Benson going through a divorce? And did he claim that he had no income and no assets, therefore he could not pay any child or spousal support? Ask his ex-wife or soon-to-be ex-wife Danni Benson. Also, ask her if Willie took over $150k from her and/or her mother and didn’t pay it back. She may just be a woman scorned after Benson’s alleged numerous affairs in the past that have resulted in allegedly several other children whose mothers are also not receiving any child support.

Diamond Deal Victim?
Another victim reached out to us and stated that him and his business partner was trying to close a Diamond deal. They told us that needed a bank that would do a swift to compelte the deal. A broker claimed to be able to help and introduced them to William at Dominion Bank. William told them that the fee was $115k on the diamond deal. The victim raised the money through family and paid the fee. The deal did get completed and the swift transaction was not used. So, the victim requested the money back, but the victim said Dominion and William refused to return the money. Unfortunately, the victim did not have the funds to pursue William or Dominion legally, so, they are looking to us to assist in any way that we can.

Flo Rida?
Lets also shout out to Flo Rida… Did he invest in Benson’s Billionaires Row? What did he get for the $100k+ investment? Also, did Benson impersonate a Lawyer (A ficticious lawyer named David Blowitz, davidblowitz@gmail.com) to entice someone to invest? We encourage Flo Rida to step forward and share his personal experience with Benson. We already were given a short synopsis, which we plan to publish, but we are waiting for him to provide a statement of his own words.

More information can be found here: https://www.mcclatchydc.com/article238132789.html

Fraud in Florida?
It looks like based on the complaint filed on March 11, 2021 against William Benson claims some fairly straight forward facts. The case is a matter of the public record and may be viewed and verified here: https://appsgp.mypalmbeachclerk.com/eCaseView/search.aspx

Search for Case #: 50-2021-CA-003464-XXXX-MB

Its now a matter of public record and you can see it here now: See the Florida Complaint Here

HOT97 of New York Lawsuit Against Billionaires Row?
Is this evidence that the Benson Group and/or Billionaires Row can’t pay their bills? Seems like it and also is additional evidence they throw big parties at other people’s expense. Take a look for yourself here: HOT97 Suit Agains Benson & Billionaires Row in the New York State Unified Court System. It looks like they will have a default judgment against them for over $60k. Check it out here: Default Judgment. Its probably likely more judgments will be filed agains Benson Group and Billionaires Row.

More Victims?
Yes, we have many other victims that have reached out to us. We are working with them to understand their stories and update this site. We will be upgrading this site into a more professional blog and begin collecting donations to not only maintain this site, but also raise money to pay for future attorney fees to pursue Benson and his associates in every case.

If you feel you have been wronged or defrauded by William Benson and/or Affiliated Companies, please contact us at: help@WilliamBensonAndFraud.com

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More Info:

Fake Banks:  http://db.aa419.org/fakebankslist.php

RipOff Report #1:  William Benson of Billionaires Row ,Billionaires Row ,Billionaires Row International BR Stole over $200,000 in funds New York New York

RipOff Report #2:  William Benson Took Money and DID NOT provide the services promised. Melville New York

Fraud News on Bank Dominion:  http://www.fraud-news.com/showthread.php/112902-Bank-Dominion

Dominion Bank and Trust in the Miami Herald: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/article238132789.html

Dominion Bank to be Avoided in Unrated Bank Guarantee Scam: https://www.secureplatformfunding.com/banned_assets_and_financial_instrument_providers/

HOT97 Lawsuit against Benson Group and Billionaires Row in New York: https://iapps.courts.state.ny.us/nyscef/DocumentList?

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Again, if you feel you have been wronged or defrauded by William Benson and Company, please contact us at: help@WilliamBensonAndFraud.com